"Sunblock" is Nominated for Award at Oregon Documentary Film Festival 

The 15-minute documentary file "Sunblock" featuring Grant's solar eclipse themed song "Moment in Time" has been nominated for an award at the Oregon Documentary Film Festival being held at the Avalon Theater in Portland, Oregon (March 23-24, 2019).  If you want to hear the entire song "Moment in Time" (or watch a music video of the song), then click on the Music tab.

"Sunblock" Short Film is Released 

Bill Bentley, my music producer and a budding filmmaker, has released his documentary film "Sunblock" about my family's experience in Madras, Oregon, one year ago (on August 21, 2017).  You can hear Grant's new song "Moment in Time" as the credits roll at the end of the 15 minute film.  The film can be accessed online at the following link:

New Pirate Theme Song Written 

In honor of "Talk Like a Pirate Day" (September 19, 2017), Grant has written the song "Shiver Me Timbers" based around a nautical theme.  This song should be sung by a certain female country pop artist (who has recently made a comeback with a new album of her original songs called "Now") because it was written for her.

Until we have the opportunity to produce a demo of the song, I will post the lyric sheet for all you pirate fans out there.  Yarr!

Recording Two New Songs at Bill Bentley Productions 

Grant was recently at his brother's recording studio, Bill Bentley Productions, singing final vocals on two new songs, Can't Crush My Soul and In a Flash.  The stories behind these two new songs can be found in the Music section on this website.

"Born To Last" Audio Track Now Online 

My song about San Diego, "Born To Last" did not get selected as a finalist, but you can hear it on the Listen Local San Diego website (  Many thanks to Dan Anthony for playing lead guitar and recording the track.

Imaging is Everything video featured at event 

Last weekend I had the honor of my tribute music video "Imaging is Everything" ( shown as part of the program for a celebration in Yosemite Park of what would have been the 75th birthday of Galen Rowell, famed mountaineer/photographer. An event sponsored by the Rowell Fund for Tibet to benefit the International Campaign for Tibet.

Music Video "Imaging is Everything" goes public 

In association with the public commemoration of the 75th birthday of Galen Rowell on August 23, 2015, I have publicly published the music video of my tribute song to Galen entitled "Imaging is Everything". The video can be viewed at

Audio CD "Departures and Arrivals" Released 

I am happy to announce that as of the beginning of August, 2015, my new CD "Departures and Arrivals" is ready to stream digitally or take home as a physical CD from www.cdbaby/cd/grantbentley2. It's a bolder and more confident sound with themes of loss and acceptance that will resonate with my audience.